"Weapons of Doom"
Season 3, Episode 10-11
Airdate: July 24th, 2012

List of episodes
"What Does It Do?"
"Sick of Being Sick"
Weapons of Doom is both the tenth and eleventh episode in season 3 of the series 2013.


The lag-tars make a deal with the skurk and porcuking species: they will served and fed if they act like weapons for the lag-tars. With their help, they attack, defeat and take over the chameleontiuses (so ending the war). Now they move on towards their new target: the humans. Even with the help of the bataxes, the fight will be difficult to win.


Due to the length of the episode, the list of characters has been split into two.

First 30 MinutesEdit



Last 30 MinutesEdit




  • This is the longest episode yet, and the first one-hour episode that hasn't been split into two episodes.
  • This is the debut episode for both the skurks and the porcukings.

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