"Two Pests"
Season 1, Episode 9
Airdate: May 31st, 2012

List of episodes
"From the Sky"
Two Pests is the ninth episode of the series 2013.


While traveling by a fertile area, Fabian, P.T. and Cris are run over by the huge herd of Shrexdes, hurting them badly and turning all the fertil area into a barren desert. To make matters worse, they find out that all their food reserves have been eaten by several Cockroachesimonctergonneses. Now they must travel several miles, injured and without either food or water. Will they survive?





  • This is the debut episode for the Shrexd and Cockroachesimonctergonnes species.
    • This is the first time in which the species that make their debut are not mayor characters.
    • This is the first episode in which two species make debut on the same episode.

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