Time Watcher
Visible Time Watcher
Name Time Watcher
Gender Male
Age ≤∞
Species Guardian
Special ability He can see everything that will eventually happen
Roll Minor Character
Allies  ???
Enemies  ???
First Appearance "Psychic Painter"
The Time Watcher is a minor characters that appears in 2013. He is the son of Father Time.


It's unknown if he is one of the original Guardians, as he is the son of one of them (Father Time). It's also unknown who is his mother (if he has one), how and why he was conceived and what his job is.

In "Psychic Painter", he accidentally gives one of his abilities to Fabian (the ability to see the future), even though he didn't know at first. Soon after he found out, he took it away from Fabian.


As all guardians, he can't be perceived in the material realm. When he shows himself, he just looks like a sphere of light.


He can see everything that will happen in all space-time continuum, give these powers to any being and take it away. He, as all guardians, is immortal, deathless and ethernal.


He can't change/interact with the time of anything related to the material plan.

Recurring/Major/Minor Characters

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