The Big One
The Big One was the only king cobra that got to mutate
Name The Big One
Gender Female
Age Deceased
Species Serpens
Special ability She has the strongest poison in history
Roll Recurring Villain
Allies Serpens
Enemies Anything else
First Appearance "From Bad to Serpen"
The Big One was an important antagonist in the series 2013. During her life, she was the most feared being on Earth, to the point that not even elephexes would mess with her. She was the leader of the serpens.


She was one of the very few original creatures (not born as mutated species). Unlike the others, she didn't grow arms or obtain the ability to erect completely, keeping all but one of her ancestors' features, the snakes.

For unknown reasons, when she mutated, she also lengthened. Her body started to growing 30 meters per day, until she reached a final total length of nearly 20 km, the longest being ever.

She obviously became not only the leader, but the deity for the rest of serpens. They built The Big One's Palace, where she lived and spent all day, every day inside of. Her subjects would bring as many preys as possible (sometimes even 300 a day). If a serpen failed (never happened, by the way), she would eat him/her as she did with any other of her preys.

Because she never left her palace, and the palace was heavily protected by powerful serpens, almost no one got to see her. Ever. The only non-serpen beings that saw her and lived to tell were Fabian, P.T., Cris, Laggo and Josh.

When lag-tars and serpens went to war, the latter starting to lose, she ordered her guards to leave her and go to war, situation that Fabian took advantage of. He and his friend got inside the battle, with the mission of ending her reign of fear.

Cris, Josh and Fabian were knocked out and nearly bitten by her. When P.T. found himself cornered, a fang fell off of the Big One's mouth. This has nearly a drop of her poison. P.T. used it to stab the Big One, killing her with her own poison instantly.


She was a fearless, limitless and evil being. Similar to Laggo, she would kill anything that would disobey her, or any moving thing that wasn't a serpen.


She is huge and one drop of her poison is enough to kill hundreds of lag-tars.


She doesn't have total awareness of her long body, and not even she can survive her own poison.

Recurring/Major/Minor Characters

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