Tarsors mutated from tarsiers like this, getting even bigger eyes
Name Tarsor
Ruler Vengi
Reside in Florida, U.S.A
Special Characteristics They can hipnotize other creatures
Roll Minor Villains
Enemy species All species
Feeding Grass
First Appearance "What Have You Unleashed!"
Tarsor is a minor species that appears in the series 2013. The mutated from tarsiers (being so the sole primate species that survive the catastrophe of 2012, considering humans as extincted).


The leader is as big as her ancestors, the only difference being that her eyes are twice as big.

The rest of the tarsors are very different, though. They are red and only a 2-5 cm long and their eyes form half their total weight.


  1. Boss: She is the leader and biggest tarsor. She has the ability to hipnotize even Tasha (leader of the elephexes). She was the last to wake up. Once one of her subjects hipnotize someone, she can control that creature and even see and hear what that being sees and hears. Her name is Vengi.
  2. Wakers: They were the only ones that never hibernated. They don't have the ability to hipnotize other beings, but they are so intelligent that they can manipulate other creatures. They are the most intelligent and vulnerable of their species. There were originally nearly 20,000 of them, but their number declined to 3.
  3. Sterile Tarsors: Nearly 20% of the species. They can't reproduce and will eventually get extincted.
  4. Tarsor People: The rest of tarsors. They can hipnotize any being smaller than a pusplaty. They are very small and try not to get into trouble the most.


They can hipnotize a lot of species (the boss can hipnotize any being), what they use as a weapon.


They (inevitably) hibernated after the catastrophe of 2012 for almost 2 years (until waken by Fabian), which means they don't have knowledge of their new enviroment. Furthermore they are really small.

Minor Species
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