Name Stalker
Type Robot
Creator Cybeaver
Introduced In "Being Watched is a Mental Feeling"

The Stalker is a humanoid robot created by the cybeavers first seen in "Being Watched is a Mental Feeling". It was created to scare Fabian, P.T. and Josh and so making them stay inside a cave for a prolonged amount of time.


His right hand has a glove with long, sharp nails, while is left hand is a machete. He doesn't have a head, but instead everything from his neck and up is covered by a hood. His body is totally mechanic, with everything being covered by a long jacket.


His job was to stand in front of the only entrance of a cave where Fabian, P.T. and Josh where staying. If they tried to get out, it will quickly attack, but never will get too close to the cave.

After a few minutes standing, an aglo tried to attack him, but he dodged her and then killed her savagely, which horrorized the three heroes.

They stayed that way, with the guys unsuccessfully tried to find a way out or at least find out what that thing was and what was happening.

When it got dark, Fabian learned that the thing wasn't an animal (as it didn't eat, drink and barely move in almost 13 hours). With this information, Fabian got a plan: condense the light power of Josh into a luminous beam that would blind the robot, giving the guys enough time to seize him.

It worked, and after a short fight, the robot wasn't more than a pile of rubble. The Stalker, though, had gotten to achieve his mission.


It could divert attacks, had super strength and speed and had two dangerous weapons.


It got blind when a strong beam of light stroke him.

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