Solemren mutated from salamanders like this one
Name Solemren
Ruler Alis
Reside in Swamps throughout U.S.A
Special Characteristics They can statue-kinet
Roll Minor Villains
Enemy species Humans


Feeding Plants and small insects
First Appearance "You Break It, You Fix It"
Solemren is a minor species in the series 2013 that had mutated from some salamanders after the catastrophe of 2012. They are the only amphibians that survived the catastrophe.


They can be as big as P.T. or as small as a cock. They are usually yellow or green with a long and and fat tail. Besides that, they are very similar to their ancestors.


Ruled by a female, their government is similar to a democracy.

  1. Solemye: The biggest solemren. She is very liberal with her subjects, and barely protected by them. She is named Alis.
  2. Solm: He is the solemye's spouse. Very strict and boring, his subjects usually avoid him. His name is Bastandor.
  3. Warriors: They are in charge of defending both sculptors and feeders. They are the best on statue-kinesis, able to statue-kinet statues as height as 30 meters tall.
  4. Feeders: They collect and store food for their colonies. They are usually the smallest and weakest solemrens of the species.
  5. Sculptors: They are the ones that lack of the abilitiy to statue-kinet, so instead the build the statues. They the strongest solemrens and never stop working.


All solemrens (except for the sculptors) have a strange ability known as statue-kinesis. They can spend hours underwater, too.


Sculptors are very defenseless, and in general all solemrens are if no statues are nearby them. Their leaders are vulnerable, too. Also they need to keep their skin wet.

Minor Species
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