Slolars are lazier than their already-too-lazy ancestors, sloths
Name Slolar
Ruler Cruania
Reside in Center of the U.S.A
Special Characteristics They are the laziest animals ever
Roll Minor Villains
Enemy species None
Feeding Sunlight
First Appearance "Trapped... Again?"
Slolar is a minor species that appears in the series 2013. Mutating from sloths, they are the heaviest and laziest animals on Earth.


Their heads and claws have changed little from their ancestors' (more than size). Their belly, on the other hand, have swollen to the point it has made slolars unable to turn around, stand up or move faster than 10 km/h. Therefore, they live their whole live lying face up. They can be as long as 20 meters and as heavy as 600 tons. Their bellies can be higher than their total length.


Their government is very flexible and weak, to the point that some slolars have lived and died without knowing of its existence. Their ruler is a female.

  1. Queen: She is (theorically) the leader of the slolars. Unlike most leaders, she isn't an original slolar (a slolar that was born as a sloth), but was the biggest slolar who her mother gave birth to when dying. She calls herself the "laziest slolar ever", due mainly to the fact she hasn't move one meter since she was born (unlike her siblings). She is the fattest slolar and her name is Cruania.
  2. Disabled Slolars: Claw-less (and therefore unable to move at all) slolars. They have the right to not move. Instead, all slolars around them must move outwards. Their population has increased amazingly lately.
  3. Fast-Moving Slolars: They are by far the fastest and least lazy slolars (reaching a speed of 10 km/h, twice as fast as most slolars, and sometimes moving up to 3 km throughout their lifetime). They are respected by all other slolars. They form the whole male population.
  4. Slolar Community: Normal-sized slolars. They rarely go farther than 500 meters from their birthplace. They often live in huge and overcrowded colonies, where they live the rest of their lives.


As they get their energy and nutrients from sunlight, they can stay in the same place indefinitely. They absorb enough sunlight in one week to stay alive for the rest of their lives, the rest becoming fat somehow. Their skin can break steal, too, and their huge size makes free from any predator. They also have developed Telescoping Generations, which means that female slolars give birth to mostly female slolar that have slolars growing inside of them already, making motion unneeded. Males are still needed, though, as they avoid overcrowding and overpopulation as well as spreading some baby female slolars, as the female slolars die upon giving birth.


They never live more than a year (due to heart diseases). They are slow, lazy and useless to their ecosystem, too.

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