Season 2, Episode 14
Airdate: July 2nd, 2012

List of episodes
"Eat Much and You'll Get Fat"
"What Happened with Our Deal?"
Sleep-Fabian-er is the fourteenth episode of season 2 of the series 2013.


After the eating of that mysterious fruit, Fabian starts having a strange case of weird dreams post-prandial somnolence mixed up with sleepwalking. As a sleepwalker, Fabian starts to make magestic works of art that fascinate several creatures. However, as Fabian has no control of what he is doing as a sleepwalker, he could be found and killed by another species, no matter how great his works are. There is another problem, the strong post-prandial and sleepwalker states happen every time he eats. Will he find a cure?





  • This episode features the exactly same characters with the same protagonism as its former.
  • Curiously, lag-tars and chameleontiuses didn't fight while contemplating Fabian's works.

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