Robotic Prosthesis
Name Robotic Prosthesis
Type Hand Substitute
Creator Cybeavers
Introduced In "P.T., Handicapped Hero"

A Robotic Prosthesis (hand prosthesis or just prosthesis) is a tool owned by P.T. and created by the cybeavers first introduced in "P.T., Handicapped Hero". He uses it where before his hand was, which had to to be amputated after a fight with chickencorz.


The design may seem simple, but it really is very complicated. It has roughly 8 km of wires, 3 of the which are substitutes.

The wires are connected to P.T.'s nerves, which allow him to move the hand at will.


Unlike P.T.'s hand, which only has 5 fingers, the hand prosthesis has 7 fingers and 2 thumbs. The instrument is made out of carbon, which is stronger and lighter than steel, and is painted dark orange, in order to assimilate P.T.'s body.


After a fight with chickencorzes, P.T. bitten in the hand by one, almost making faint of pain. When the pain dissappeared, P.T. found out he could no longer feel or move his right hand. As leaving it like that would kill P.T. if infected, Fabian decided to cut it off (without P.T.'s consent).

As he was right-handed, P.T. soon found himself unable to do essential tasks such as eating, fighting or collecting. Desperate and sad, he decided to abandon Fabian and Josh as he wasn't more than a disadvantage for them.

While walking, he was captured by cybeavers and imprisoned in a nearby colony. Once there, P.T. found a leak of flammable substances. When he told the others, they thanked him for telling them so, as it would've destroyed the whole colony if left untreated. To show him their gratitude, they made him the robotic prosthesis as well as letting him free (by now).


It can lift up to one ton without breaking, can resist temperatures above 100 Celsius and is very enduring.


It needs to be lubricated or get stuck and P.T. is unable to feel anything he touches with it.

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