"Ride to the Underworld"
Season 4, Episode 27
Airdate: Sep 3rd, 2012

List of episodes
"How Dare You?"
"A Day in the Ocean"
Ride to the Underworld is the twenty-seventh episode in season 4 of the series 2013.


Using an ancient and forbidden spell, the paramols send the soul of P.T. to the underworld, (in other words, kill him). This upsets Death, as the paramols broke one of the most sacred rules of all. It can't get it back by itself, so it sends Josh and Fabian to the Forbidden Land, where they can take back P.T.'s soul before it comes to one of the Dead Worlds and it becomes nonrefundable.

Backup StoryEdit

Cris communicates with Laggo, by using the paramol's spell. Laggo informs him of his master plan.





  • This is the debut episode for Death, who will become a recurring character in season 5.
  • This is also the debut episode for the Lost Souls.
  • From this episode on, Laggo will become a recurrent character once again.

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