Reagan resembles one of his ancestors, the wolf
Name Reagan
Gender Male
Age One and a half years old
Species Plasf
Roll Minor Character
Allies Fabian T. Thomson

P.T. Scare

Cris Marcos



First Appearance "Election Period"
Reagan is a minor character that appears in the series 2013. Being the best-known character of his species (plasf), he was a candidate for alpha (or leader). He failed, though.


He is fire plasf born shortly after the catastrophe of 2012. Little is known about him, except that he was saved by Fabian, P.T., Cris and Josh from falling to a lake, event that would've killed him. As a reward for this, he offered his saviors the services of his species if they helped him win the elections, which he had been nominated soon before.

At first, his campaign was a total debacle, mainly due to the fact he didn't have any idea of how persuade plasves into voting for him, and his companions weren't great on the task, either.

When everything seemed lost and after several unsuccessful ideas have failed miserably, Fabian came up with the idea of a speech so powerful, that it would make the others vote for Reagan undoubtedly, which he based on a speech made by Lincoln.

Most of it didn't make sense for the age or wasn't politically correct. However, Reagan's way of talk, his sudden determination and apparent erudition, made a lot of plasves think Regan was the perfect candidate.

When the election period was over and the votes were counted, Reagan won with a 59% of the total votes. He was dethroned a few hours later, when it was found out that he just entered the candidacy because he had been "dating the ugly daughter of the Council chief". Once dethroned, the charge passed to Banny (who got 40% of votes) before being also dethroned as she had been stealing coal a few hours later. So Josh became the leader (who only got 1% of votes). He is supposed to appear in season 5.


He can summon fire and run real fast.


He was seen as a mentally weak and stupid plasf.

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