Radiodillos mutated from the Texas Armadillo (pictured)
Name Radiodillo
Ruler Bonny
Reside in Texas, U.S.A
Special Characteristics They have polonium on their shells, making them radioactive and dangerous
Roll Minor Characters
Enemy species Cybeaver



Feeding Wheat and, sometimes, toxic products
First Appearance "Quickly New Villains Appear"

The Radiodillo is a mutated species that appears in the series 2013. They are mutated armadillos, and very dangerous creatures.


They haven't changed at all, except for their shells. But some unknown reason, their shells is covered by one of the most radioactive substances, polonium. It's so radioactive that it glows.


Although ruled by a female, the radiodillos show a lot of independence, to the point that their leader is more something symbolic.

  1. Radiodillo Shepherd: She is the biggest and strongest radiodillo. Until recently, she had absolute power, but when her subjects started living an independent life, she stepped out. She is still respected as one, though. Her name is Bonny.
  2. Protectors: They protect the youth. They are radiodillos unable to mate, by one reason or another. They respected and appreciated by all radiodillos.
  3. Texans: Most of radiodillos. The only thing they do is survive, but they used to worship their leader.
  4. Youth: Newborns. Their shell isn't as powerful as the others' (yet) so they need to be protected. All armadillos that are killed are usually the youth.


Their shells are powerful enough to penetrate even an elephex's skin, besides killing any unprotected animal that gets more than 5 feet close to them at the moment. They are inmune to all toxin and chemicals (some of the which they eat), too. Finally, for being independent to their leader, they can't be taken over by any animal.

Polonium (ilustrated) is what makes the radiodillo so dangerous


They are all small, and when young they are really vulnerable.

Minor Species
Abyssal Fish

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