Plasves have kept the same features of their ancestors, the wolves
Name Plasf
Ruler Josy (formerly)

Vendana (currently)

Reside in United States
Special Characteristics They change their ruler every four months
Roll Minor villains
Enemy species Humans
Feeding Lava and coal (fire plasves)

Electric power from some metals (lightning plasves)

Plasf is a minor species that appear in the series 2013. They are mutated wolves.


They are very big beasts (sometimes as big as a Chameleontius) and are made of either fire or lightning. This, however, hasn't changed their ancestor's basic features.


The fact of being made of lightning or fire doesn't affect their status. They are ruled by a female at the time, but they change their ruler every 4 months, to keep their leader's youth and strength.

  1. Alpha Plasf: The leader of the plasf tribe. She is usually the strongest or smartest of all female plasf. The reigning alpha is Vendana and she is a lightning plasf.
  2. Coming Alpha: Althought she lacks of any ruler power, she will be the new alpha plasf once the reigning alpha gets unwilling or is revoked. His name is Carlol and she is a fire plasf.
  3. Ex-alphas: They used to be the alpha plasf, until her period of reign came to an end. They can't rule, but neither can be ruled by any other plasf.
  4. Revokers: A group of the four most powerful plasves in charge of inform the alpha plasf when her time of reign is over or, in the worst of cases, take her out by their own hand. They are 2 lightning plasves and two fire plasves.
  5. Counsil: They seek and/or choose the best alpha plasf possible. They are a group of 18 plasves of both ethnicities and are considered the smartest plasves of their species.
  6. Hunters: The rest of the plasves. They seek the food for their colony.


They can either produce fire or lightning at will as well as reach a speed of almost 1000 miles per hour. Their food is very accessible and abundant, too.


Water can kill the fire plasves and rocks can weaken and hurt lightning plasves badly.

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