"PSP: the Videogame"
Season 3, Episode 16
Airdate: July 29th, 2012

List of episodes
"Feeling Fancy"
PSP: the Videogame is the sixteenth episode of season 3 of the series 2013.


Josh, P.T., Cris and Fabian find an abandoned game factory, which later they make their home. While exploring, P.T. finds a metal box. After braking it, he finds a PSP from before the catastrophe of 2012 with a note attached to it: The Survivor. He plays the game and soon becomes addicted to it, messing up his team and making furious Fabian who soon decides to get rid of it.





  • This is the first time a device from before the catastrophe of 2012 appears (the PSP).
    • The PSP is expected to reappear in season 4.
  • The Survivor is a parody of Resident Evil.

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