P.T. Scare
When P.T Scare mutated, his muscles increased in size in a 300%
Name P.T. Scare
Gender Male
Age 14
Species Human
Special ability Strength
Roll Main Character
Allies Fabian T. Thomson

Cris Marcos

Enemies All animals
Peter Thadeus Scare is one of the three survivors of the series 2013. He is the happy, dumb, fast, strong and the only one without a difficult history as his partners (or mates as he calls them).


P. T. Scare was born on December 27, 1999 in City of Fall River, Massachussets. He was talented since he was three years old. He learned how to play instruments when he was very young and formed a band to the age of 10 years old (that he called the Young-bar). He also used to make a lot of exercise and became very popular in the Middle School. His parents were rich, so they payed a trip only for him a week before his birthday (December 20, 2012) to Mount Greylock. As he went inside a cave, it collapsed and killed everybody inside it besides him. However, some radiation got him and made him mutate into an even stronger and faster being. When he got out, he went to an extremely high speed unknowing his power. When he got to stop, he found Cris Marcos, and afterwards he found Fabian T. Thomson. He wanted for the three to be togheter but failed at first with Fabian. However, after almost being killed by some Lag-tars, Fabian accepted to join their group.


He is very kind and is almost always smiling. He was the one who cared the most after the elimination of humanity. He is optimist and always is looking the good where obviously there is not, too.


He has a case of Multiple Personality Disorder, that is everytime the environment is especific, he will change drastically and inevitably, and then P.T. will not be able to control what he does. Although "Scare x6" explores this condition, some of them have been shown before on the series. There are 5 of them:


Description Debut Episode
Evil It will kill, destroy and attack anything that moves. It'll come out if P.T. gets too angry. "Killing Machine"
Heroic Opposite to evil; it will help everyone in need. "Town Hero"
Coward/Original It's a coward. He is afraid of everything because he is traumatized. It's the Original P.T. "Here We Go..."
Reckless He doesn't care about others, loves to fight and do stupid/dangerous things "Scare x6"
Good-For- Nothing He is lazy and won't do anything at least he gets something out of it. "Scare x6"


He can lift stuff as big as a big SUV. Also he can run at 3000 m/s, even though he hasn't reach 1500 m/s yet.


He is very dumb, manipulatable and sensible. In fact, he lost his mind when he found out the elimination of humanity. So, he thinks that he is dreaming everything. Fabian has said that if he "woke" up, he would suffer a mental collapse, so he and Cris has to follow his madness.


As some characters, P.T. has a counterpart that appear in the episode "Lost in Another Reality", S.P. Woud.


He is super serious and sometimes sadistic.


He is really intelligent and calculating. His plans are usually what get him and his friends out of trouble.


He is really weak and lack of any real power.