Lost Souls
Name Lost Souls
Ruler None
Reside in The Forbidden Land
Special Characteristics They used to be alive
Roll Minor Villains
First Appearance "Ride to the Underworld"
Lost Souls are a group of characters that appear in the series 2013. They are the souls of the worst beings that have ever existed or souls trapped by some type of spell or curse.


They look like the classic ghost, semi-transparent, when three holes making the role of eyes and mouth and a little tail. They are green.


The lost souls are souls that couldn't get to a dead world for any of these reasons:

♦Evilness: Really evil beings that died. They were known for mass killing people or animals for selfish or evil reasons. Osama Bin Laden, Hitler, Napoleon, Jack the Ripper and Pablo Escobar are among them. These souls are dangerous for the rest, as they do what they used to when alive: hurt people and cause pain.

♦Curse: A group of souls cursed by witches or wizards when a alive for a right reason. These souls belong to bad people (not nearly as bad as evil souls, though), who caused some type of pain over some people, within the ones there was one wizard/witch or more.

♦Spell: Souls that got to the Forbidden Land for either own choice or because they were sent for unreasonable purposes. They stay in the Forbidden Land temporally, unlike the other three groups. P.T. belonged to this group.

♦Transition: These souls belonged to one of the other three groups before; but they fell victim of one of the several hazards in the Forbidden Land. Most of these were spell souls formerly.

Minor Species
Abyssal Fish

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