Lifelice mutated from woodlice like this one
Name Lifelouse
Ruler Marly
Reside in North America
Special Characteristics When rolled up, they can survive anything
Roll Minor characters
Enemy species None
Feeding Wood
First Appearance "Among Us"
Lifelouse is a minor species that appears in the series 2013. They mutated from woodlice and are the most successful species that's ever existed.&nbsp


They are twice as big as their ancestors with a silver-colored shell. As their ancestors, they can roll up into a sphere.

As their ancestors (shown here), they can roll up into a ball


They are ruled by a female who (unlike other leaders) has no a special characteristic. Their government resembles a democracy.

  1. Leader: The lifelouse that was elected in the elections of 2013. Her responsabilities are basically the same as a president. Her name is Marly.
  2. Sub-leader: The lifelouse that takes over in case of the leader being unwilling. When it's not the case, he works as an adviser. His name is Manlo.
  3. Supreme Court: They decide if a law is good as well as the guiltiness of an accused lifelouse.
  4. Wood Suppliers: The are in charge of the collecting and distribution of the wood that their colonies eat.
  5. Police: Lifelice that catch and prosecute criminals.
  6. Criminals: Any lifelouse that has violated a rule or not fulfill their job. They are considered the lowest group of the species.


They have the most successful defense system ever. If they feel threatened, they will roll up into a silver-colored sphere. Once in this state, they are basically indestructable. These are the maximun scenarios they could survive in ball state:

  • Temperature: As high as 6000 Celsius and almost as low as the absolute zero.
  • Pressure: As much as 8000 N.
  • Dehydration: It will be needed 2 years for a lifelouse to die from dehydration.
  • Vacuum: They can survive in the vacuum of the outer space.

    The lifelouse ability to survive extreme conditions resembles the water bear's

  • Radiaton: 1000 times more than any other being.
  • Acidity: There is no known acid that can penetrate their shell.
  • Hardness: Their shell is almost 200 times harder than a diamond.
  • Starvation: They can survive 5 years without eating.
  • Digestion: They can't be digested. In the worst scenario, the ingestion of a lifelouse could cause malnutrition and the excretion of it, the split of the anus.
  • Mortality: Since the catastrophe of 2012, no lifelouse has died. So making them the most successful species ever. This makes mating unnecessary.
  • Aging: Lifelice don't have any sign of aging.


They are the most harmless being on Earth. Their only instict is to defend themselves.

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