Le Reforme
Name Le Reforme
Origin Take of Power by the Cybeavers
Type Declaration
Location Earth
Introduced In "New Boss, New Rules"

Le Reforme is a set of rules made by the cybeavers upon becoming the supreme rulers. These are the first rules that affect every single species on the planet.

New Laws and ActsEdit

Lag-tars Power Limit LawEdit

Lag-tars, who officially rule serpens and chameleontiuses, shall keep these two species as "mutiny". They, however, shall not conquer and take over any other species.

Aglocorz ActEdit

Through this act it's established that neither chickencorz nor aglos must get closer than 30 miles from any of their enemy's colony. If some colonies are too close to one another, the smallest colony must abandon the place. If any of these is seen within these limits, anything that the other species does is considered "cool".

Lag-tar Leader LawEdit

All lag-tar rulers must be lag-tars. However, these leaders must consider the ideas of the obcy (one creature that has power over the lag-tars but is not a lag-tar), and can't make the obcy do anything he/she doesn't want to do.

Fugitive ActEdit

Fabian T. Thomson, P.T. Scare and Josh are considered fugitives, but any non-human creature that interacts with them can't be arrested or pursued.

Cris Marcos LawEdit

Anyone who interacts with Cris Marcos will be executed. Cris Marcos must die, as he has broken a law by allowing Laggo to come back after dying.

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