"It's Alive!"
Season 4, Episode 25
Airdate: Aug 23rd, 2012

List of episodes
"Four Humans"
"How Dare You?"
It's Alive! is the twenty-fifth episode in season 4 of the series 2013.


The cybeavers revive an extinct, mutated species, the Giant Rhinosaurous, in order to prove several experiments on it. It, however, escapes and P.T. finds him. Although it looks harmful at first, every time he hears a really strong sound, he becomes a totally different beast for as long as 15 minutes. P.T., Fabian and Josh don't know this, though.

Backup StoryEdit

Cris gets into the paramol colony and kidnaps one.





  • This is the first and only time a Giant Rhinosaurous is shown.

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