Truffles as this one will eventually turn into one of the most deadly beings on Earth
Name Hylachius
Reside in North America (Formerly every continent except the Antarctica)
Special Characteristics They can turn any being that eats them into a bloodthirsty beast
Roll Minor villains
First Appearance "Cris, the Most Powerful"
Hylachius is a minor species of fungus that appear in the series 2013. They are the non-animal species most important in the series and, as well, the only known non-animal species that has mutated after the catastrophe of 2012. They are mutated truffles.


Their color is a really bright red with and their shape varies from something heart-like to rock like. Their size changes radically from the size of 89 microns when they are born to 20 centimeters when they reach their final size in a matter of 3 months.


The Hylachius species has been known by its properties to transform any being stupid or unfortunated enough to eat it into a destruction machine. Also as they need to be grown up to reproduce, when they are young they are able to release a very acidic substance that can hurt even an elephex's skin, power that they will eventually lose when they become adults.

Reproductive CycleEdit

Unlike most animals think, the fact that the Hylachius species turn any animal that eats them into a bloodthirsty beast is neither a way to protect themselves nor a way to feed themselves, but a reproductive cycle.

Once they are eaten, they release millions of spores that get to the brain or muscles. In any case, these spores transform the mind and body of their host into a monster. Once this is done, the mushroom that was originally eaten releases more spores, this time hylachius eggs. These spores go to to the salivary glands. So, once an animal is killed, the host will spit some spores, as they are very sharp and hurt the tongue and gums (making the host even more violent). 8 hours after having eaten the original hylachius, the host dies as well as its hylachius.

Once in the carcase in which they were spat in, they start to grow by descomposing their new host. 6 months afterwards, they are ready to start the cycle all over again.


By some reason, once the infected animal eats a rose, a really violent reaction happens: The hylachius is vomited, the mind and body controler spores die inmediately, and the eggs are all spat at once. This is the only known cure to heal the infected being besides killing it.


Due to be so known, no animal eats them, which have decreased its population to they point as them being an endagered species. Besides, they don't usually live more than eight months, which during only two of them are they able to reproduce.

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