The hedgestars are a combination of mutated hedgehogs (top) and mutated starfish (bottom)
Name Hedgestars
Reside in Eastern and Center of the U.S.A
Special Characteristics They are born together and can't live with the other
Roll Minor Characters
Enemy species Lag-tars



Feeding Fruits and Vegetables
Hedgebans and Starfees are two minor species that appear in 2013. They both have united into a single animal, called the hedgestar. They have independent minds, though.



Their face can't be seen, because the starfees cover them. They have spikes in 90% of their backs, and a long nose. They can be as tall as two meters.


The look like a normal starfish with two big eyes and a mouth. They can reach a circumference of 90 cm.


As all hedgebans have starfees and viceversa, they share the same government, being ruled by one female hedgeban and a male starfee.

  1. Kueen: They are the supreme rulers of the hedgestars. They are bigger than the other, Royeen (the hedgeban) has the longest spikes and Rao (the starfee) has the longest arms. They are very deligent, and are always stressed.
  2. Doctors: They are considered the most important class of the species. They are in charge of healing all wounded hedgestars. They never stop working, mainly due to the fragile nature of the species.
  3. Fertile: One out of 200 female hedgestars are born with an extreme ability to give birth. They can give birth to up to 35 hedgestars, although some have given birth to more the 43. They are the highest-protected class. They spend 40% of their lives pregnant.
  4. Squad Patrol: They are in charge of the protection of the fertiles. They are roughly 1,000,000 of them, and they all have the same mission. They work in 12 shifts, so protecting the fertiles 24/7. They are the strongest class.
  5. Fertile Males: They are the most fertile males. They have the priviledge of mating the fertiles, so maximizing the opportunity to get more children, being the only ones allowed to do so. When not mating, they get the food for their lovers.
  6. Assigners: The most intelligent class. They make several tests in order to assign every hedgestar the most appropiate job for him/her as well as isolate the fertiles and fertile males.
  7. People: The powerless rest. They have neither power nor responsability, fact that may make others think they don't have a government. They have the right to be checked and healed by the doctors.



They have infected spikes on their backs, powerful claws and are really fast.


They have developed senses of hearing, vission and touch.


They complement each other, making them one of the species with the biggest growth.



They can't see, hear o talk. Without the starfees, they couldn't find their food and die from starvation after a few days.


They lack of ways to get nutrients and are unable to move. Without the hedgebans, they would die from dehydration after a couple of days.


They are totally dependent to each other. In fact, when one of the two dies, the other would follow it after no more than 5 days.

Minor Species
Abyssal Fish

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