Giant Rhinosaurous
Giant Rhinosaurous had mutated from white rhinos (pictured)
Name Giant Rhinosaurous
Ruler None
Reside in Extinct (formerly U.S.A)
Special Characteristics They could grow huge or shrink smaller
Roll Minor Characters
Enemy species Elephex
Feeding Grass
First Appearance "It's Alive!"
The Giant Rhinosaurous was a mutated species that appeared in one episode of the series 2013. They had mutated from rhinos and are currently extinct.


They were white with a blue horns. They were 3 meters tall to the shoulder and 5 meters from the head to the end of the tail when in normal size. They didn't change a lot from their ancestors physically.


After the catastrophe of 2012, only 6 rhinos got to survive and mutate. However, they were all sterile, so they the species was doomed. While they were alive, they were the only creatures able to match the elephexes, to the point that they became enemies.

They soon started to die from aging. On November 2nd, 2013, the last Giant Rhinosaurous died.

Almost a year afterwards, the cybeavers successfully got to revive one. Soon after, though, he died after being crushed by giant rocks.


While alive, they were the only ones able to match the elephexes, mainly due to their ability to grow huge (almost as big as the biggest elephex back then) to get stronger, or to shrink to run faster. Their horn was strong enough to break diamonds, too.


As P.T. and somehow the bataxes, they usually turned into uncontrollable beasts. They are extinct, too.

Minor Species
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