Forbidden Land
View of the Forbidden Land
Name Forbidden Land
Type Underworld
Ruler No one
Location Unknown
Material of construction Suffering, agony
Inhabitants Lost Souls

The Forbidden Land is a minor territory seen in the series 2013. That's a place outside the material world, where lost souls live in agony.


It sort of resembles an island that with water; floating over the infinite abysm through the power of suffering. It contains something similar to a jungle, where everything is in a solid bright black.


  • Ammonia Lakes: Five lakes distributed throughout the Forbidden Land. If any soul gets too close to one of them, it will reborn into a suffering being.
  • Caves of Infinity: 8 caves found nearby an ammonia lake. If a soul gets into one, it will be reborn into an evil being, who will be hated by everyone.
  • Dead Volcanoes: Three volcanos located on the boarders of the Forbidden Land. If a soul gets close to one of them, it'll be reborn, but will die from a painful death.
  • Jungle: The rest of the Forbidden Land where all lost souls inhabit.


According to Death, the Forbidden Land is as long and wide as Jupiter. However, as the laws of physics and reality don't apply there, it could be thought for its size to be smaller than Manhattan.

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