"Dirty Job"
Season 2, Episode 8
Airdate: June 27th, 2012

List of episodes
"A Cure for Double Personality?"
"A Little Help?"
Dirty Job is the eighth episode of the second season of the series 2013.


After getting tired of being defeated and being already on the bottom of the food chain, Laggo decides to use the very few resources his species has to hire paid murderers: the hitcrabs, to kill Fabian, P.T., Cris and Josh. Althought at first the handle the assassins well, the hitcrabs just come back stronger. Will our heroes get to defeat the most powerful type of hitcrab at the end?





  • This is the debut episode for the hitcrab species.
  • This episode shows that serpens and lag-tars are now enemies, event occured at the end of the episode "Of Lag-tars and Serpens".

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