Death as shadow
Name Death
Gender None
Species Guardian
Special ability He can't be defeated
Roll Minor Character
Allies None
Enemies Paramol
First Appearance "Ride to the Underworld"
Death is a minor character that made an appearance in the series 2013. As of now, he is the most powerful character that has been shown.


He is shadows. The difference between it and a normal shadow is that Death is "darker than the darkest night". It affirms he has a physical appearance, which is invisible in the material world. Its shadow form resembles that from a tall man with a hat.


Although usually thought to be evil, it affirms he is neither that nor good, but a "neutral being who only does what must be done". In fact, he is a hero in "Ride to the Underworld", by helping Fabian and Josh go retrieve P.T.'s soul. He became furious when he learned what the paramols had done, fact that could mean that he is very strict.


He can transport mortals to the Forbidden Land, place that not even the paramols can transport. He is eternal, inmortal and deathless; he can't even be touched. He knows when all living beings will die from the second they are born, too.

Limits Edit

Unlike most beings think, Death can't kill anyone at will. He says that "all deaths have been written. I'm only a spirit that makes sure they are followed". He can only see other beings' deaths, but nothing else.


His only mission and purpose is to follow the written laws. He lacks of of any type of will.

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