As their ancestors the parrots were able to copy some voices, the copyrrots are able to copy some powers
Name Copyrrot
Ruler Anne
Reside in North and South America
Special Characteristics They can copy almost any power instantly
Roll Minor villains
Enemy species Humans



Feeding Fruit and small insects
First Appearance "Copy Copy Copy"
Copyrrot is a minor species of the series 2013, which mutated from parrots.


They all (except by the First Copyrrot who is gold-colored) are green with an orange beak. They can be as small as their ancestors or as big as an aglo. Their eyes resemble those from the aglos, too.


They are ruled by a female and (unlike most species) they have to earn their status instead of being born with it.

  1. First Copyrrot: The biggest copyrrot. She is as big as an aglo and is gold-colored, which makes her very visible and, therefore, vulnerable. She spends around 40% of her time flying from colony to colony.
  2. Lords of Battle: The most powerful copyrrots and one of the most powerful creatures on Earth. They don't just copy attacks, but when they do so they copy them 10 times stronger. They are in charge of the protection of their leader as well as the youth.
  3. Sowers: They grow the aliment for the colony as well as distributing it. They are the most abundant copyrrot as well as one of the most intelligent ones.
  4. Planners: In charge of the expansion of colonies. They send explorers to monitor areas in order to avoid conflict with neighbor colonies. They also teach the copyrrots interested on becoming planners. They are the most intelligent ones of their species.
  5. Construction Workers: They build buildings and houses as well as connectors between colonies. They are actually the ones in charge of expansions.
  6. Explorers: It's the most dangerous job. They inspect unknown areas around their colony in order to not get themselves and their colony into trouble with other species. They are the fastest copyrrots.
  7. Teachers: Retired lords of battle. They are in charge of teaching the youth their technique of copying. They will teach them in any of the above areas except for the planners.
  8. Sub-sowers: They are in charge of storing as much aliment as possible as well as keeping it fresh. They work in two shifts of twelve hours and are the most hard-working ones of their species.
  9. Youth: They smallest and youngest copyrrots. Their job is to learn what they will do when older. They finish their training 6 months after being born.


They are able to copy any type of power and (in case of being lords of battle) make it 10 times stronger only by seeing it once.


They can't reproduce a power if they don't see it at least once and at the time. They are really small and can be killed easily if they are hit by a power strong enough to kill them at once, too.

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