Chracheds haven't been shown yet
Name Chrached
Ruler  ???
Reside in Pluto
Special Characteristics  ???
Roll Minor villain
Enemy species Humans
Feeding  ???
First Appearance "Abducted!"
Chrached is an extraterrestial species that appears on 2013. They are one the most intelligent beings in the galaxy.


Their appearance is currently unknown, as the only time that has been shown of them is their shadows. Judging by them, they have 2 antennas, 6 feet and are at least as tall as P.T.


According to them, they were the ones who cause the human species to extinct for good, apparently because some of their species was unjustifiably being tortured, and killed by them. And as humanity was almost impossible to defeat from the inside, they decide to build a giant ball of several waste products and attacked them from the outside. This ball contained several radioactive molecules that would kill all humans, but would keep alive their relatives and some other species who would just mutate.

What that species was is still unknown, but as the chrached said, they had survived and slightly mutated, so Fabian, P.T., Cris and Josh may have unknowingly met it.

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Abyssal Fish

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