Cham-Tar War
Name Cham-Tar War
Origin Attack to the Lag-tars, April 25th, 2013
Type Interspecies war
Holder Lag-tars and Chameleontius
Location North America
Introduced In "We Are on Your Side"

The Cham-Tar War is a war fought by the Chameleontius species and the Lag-tars species.


Everything started when those two species first met, on April 28th, 2013, when two chameleontiuses ate two important politicians of the Lag-tars government. When Laggo, leader of the Lag-tars, learned this, he sent two prisoners to give an order to the chameleontiuses and a bill to compensate the damages. The chameleontiuses didn't do more than laugh and eat the mailers. This caused Laggo to get really angry and declare war.

The War IntensifiesEdit

The first thing Laggo did was to send 95 soldiers to attack some explorer far away from the main colony. The mission was a total success and, besides 6 lag-tars badly injured, there weren't any casualities for the Lag-tars.

When Chamee, leader of the chameleontius, learned this, she decided to stay neutral. What she didn't know was that the attack was just the beginning. On July 29th, 2013, Laggo sent five prisoners as a "sacrifice" and "apologize" for the events already mentioned. The order said that a high level chameleontius should've have to go to a secret place and accept the gift. Chamee sent 5 old wise chams and 25 strongmelons to bring her the gift. She wasn't so interested on the purpose, but on the food. The 30 chameleontiuses were ambushed by a huge army of 550 lag-tars. None of the chameleontiuses survived, and only 8 lag-tars died and 37 were injured.

The CounterattackEdit

When Chamee learned of the ambushed, she finally started to get serious about the war. She sent 8 troops of strongmelons (258 in total) to attack a small Lag-tar city from the North, South, East, West, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast and Southwest. Nearly a hundred Lag-tars died. However, hundreds of lag-tars got to the scene and killed 30 chameleontius that were still there. A total of 105 lag-tars and 35 chameleontius died, besides 176 injured lag-tars and 50 badly wounded chameleontius. The attack cost to the lag-tars more than $10 million.

A Big DefeatEdit

On March 25th, 2014, Tasha, leader of the elephexes, call a meeting to destroy what was left of humanity. However, this situation was exploited by both enemy species to destroy each other in a final fight. The operation wasn't well-planned by the lag-tars and they ended up losing. More than two thousand lag-tars were killed, but less than 200 chameleontiuses. Laggo barely escaped. The lag-tars started a defense method instead of an attack method as a results.

The EndEdit

Not long after the assassination of Laggo, the wise-tars make an alliance with the porcukings and the skurks, using them as weapons. Attacking from every direction to the main chameleontius colony, the chameleontiuses didn't stand a chance. Even though more lag-tars died than chameleontiuses, the lag-tars finally got to have Chamee as a hostage, taking over the species and ending the war.

The lag-tars are still on a genocide process, killing more than a thousand chameleontiuses a day and isolating them.