Catastrophe of 2012
The Earth, place that this event changed forever
Name Catastrophe of 2012
Origin Chrached
Type Supermassive Extinction
Location Earth
Introduced In "Here We Go..."

The Catastrophe of 2012 was a major event ocurred before the series 2013, which is also the reason of the post-apocaliptic setting.


The Chrached species, a Plutonian population first seen in "Abducted!", is responsible for this event. According to them, they wanted to make a massive weapon that would destroy humanity, as this species had "gotten out of control" and also "erradicated as huge amount of a brother species of them with no reason whatsoever". As a massive weapon was a pretty much waste of time and resources, they opt for a bomb of massive destruction.

To build it, they gathered the best scientists of the world. They even had to invent new elements, like "Craimoun" (Atomic Number 260) and "Fornaium" (Atomic Number 379). They had to make sure that the bomb will let other species survive (mutate horribly, but survive), and also would let their brother species live without a considered amount of mutations.

When they launched it, a huge mass of nuclear elements, it had a diameter of only 6 km, but a total mass of 9,000,000,000 tons.




See Species for a detailed list of changed fauna.

Because of its size, human scientists thought it would just be burnt up in the atmosphere. This, though, wasn't the case. When the giant object collided with the Earth crust (in China, actually), it exploded to the point that in a few hours, all humans and more than 99% of species had died. Most of the rest had mutated.


As fauna changed, so did the weather. The ashes produced by the explosion caused the blockade of the sun for weeks, the eruption of several volcanoes and the drastic change in temperatures (which made January and February feel like Summer in the North Hemisphere; and July and August like winter, but without snow).



Unlike the fauna, the flora had little, if any, change. The exception was the sunflower, which mutated into Flower of Fatnesses.


Just an unthinkable small percentage had kept their "normal" characteristics, like abyssal fish, small animals like flies, mosquitoes, small rodents, some birds and some reptiles. The reason of it is still unknown, specially having on mind that some insects, mammals, birds and reptiles did mutate.

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