Both cameuls and their ancestors (camels) are loyal, intelligent and hard-working
Name Cameul
Ruler Isal
Reside in Every continent except Antarctica and Europe
Special Characteristics They serve several species
Roll Recurring characters
Enemy species Humans
Feeding Grass and toxic flowers
First Appearance "...And Here We Are"
Cameul is a mutated species from the series 2013. They mutated from camel after 2012.


They look like regular camels. However, their size has been increased (getting to be as tall as 20 meters and as long as 25 meters). There are small cameuls, though. They can have as many as 6 humps, which are full of unstable rays. They have claws instead of hooves and leech-like mouths.


They are ruled by a female (officially) but, because of their neutrality pact, they are ruled by different species.

  1. Countess of the Cameuls: She is way bigger than all of the other cameuls. She is strong and the only one allowed to rule upon someone. Her name is Isal.
  2. Count of the Cameuls: He is the countess's husband and is considered the most intelligent cameul. He came up with the idea of the neutrality pact. He is half his wife's size.
  3. Selectors: They are in charge of the trail of cameuls. They are intelligent and are always busy. They choose what cameul goes where to whom. They are highly respected by all creatures.
  4. Loaders: They are in charge of loading stuff to different places and are owned by several creatures. They are the strongest cameuls after the countess.
  5. Transporters: They are the most common cameuls and are in charge of transporting several creatures. They are loyal and really appreciated by their masters. They can be as big as 16 meters or as small as 4 meters.
  6. Warriors: They have not special powers, but because they are neither intelligent enough or strong enough or hard-working enough, their only function is to protect some places. They are the least appreciated cameuls.

Neutrality PactEdit

That's a document that basically states that most cameuls can be used by other creatures, in exchange of those creatures not to attack the cameuls. The act was a big success, and at the present day, they are the only species without specific enemies.

Served SpeciesEdit


They are really intelligent (at least enough to sign a pact among species). They are really strong, hard-working and big. They can climb and shoot lasers from their mouths (lasers stored in their humps), too. They also can live as long as 120 years. Finally, they can float and transmit messages through telepathy.


They have become independent to their masters. They have to eat a lot to keep working and rare plants to produce their lasers, too.

Minor Species
Abyssal Fish

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