Black Day
Name Black Day
Origin Yellowstone Park

Ancient Prophesy

Type Catastrophe
Location U.S.A
Introduced In "A Day in the Ocean"

The Black Day is an ancient believe that the world would end soon after a lead species (humans) was exterminated. This prophecy turned out to be real (sort of), as what it was predicted happened, but it didn't extinct one single species regardless of the mortalities.


Who predicted the black day is an enigma. It is known, though, that it happened a long time before the Catastrophe of 2012, fact that would mean humans prophesied it.

The prophecy was found by Fabian, near what before was Pennsylvania.

Prophecy Edit

According to the ancient writers, after the leading species was erradicated, a huge power from the underground (volcanoes, lava) would be unleashed, turning day into night and making it rain acid, so until every single living being would be exterminated.

In "Day of Darkness", when Yellowstone erupted, it seemed that the prophecy was fulfilled, but at the end it didn't even get close.

Unfulfilled EventsEdit

  • Humans hadn't been completely erradicated; there were three left (Fabian, P.T. and Cris).
  • No all living beings died; barely 0.01% of land animals and 0.000001% sea animals.
  • It didn't rain acid, but a similar substance.

Casualities & EffectsEdit

  • Roughly 3,000,000 land animals of all species (excluding lifelouses and humans) perished.
  • Almost 4,000 animals of some species ended up heavily wounded.
  • 90,000 square kilometers of vegetation was burnt or destroyed.
  • Nearly 1,000 sea animals died.
  • Fall was delayed two months.

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