"Battle Trilogy"
Season 5, Episode 9-11
Airdate: Sep 23rd-25th

List of episodes
"Lost Trilogy"
The Battle Trilogy is a set of 3 5-season episodes aired one after another.


It is called Battle Trilogy because all episodes of it have the word "battle" (actually battle for) at the beginning of their titles. (See Bellow)


Each of the three episode contain a very common plot in the series, which is the wars among different species. Unlike most episodes and the previous trilogy, Fabian, P.T. and Josh don't star (barely appear or not even appear at all). Cris stars one, though. The battles have drastic changes, new leaders and even technology from 2 seasons ago.

Fighters (Winners)Edit

These 6 different teams fought each other in each episode:

  1. Jen, Randy & Batax vs. Lag-tars (Jen, Randy and Bataxes)
  2. Cris Marcos & Laggo's soul vs. Paramol (Cris & Laggo)
  3. Cybeaver vs. Elephex (Cybeavers)


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