"Battle For the World"
Season 5, Episode 11
Airdate: Sep 25th, 2012

List of episodes
"Battle For the Spiritual World"
"New Boss, New Rules"
Battle For the World is the eleventh episode in season 5 of the series 2013.


After weeks of sabotage, infiltration and the use of their best technologies, the cybeavers are really close to dethrone the elephexes and take over the world. The amazing thing is that the elephexes don't even know they are in the iddle of a war.



  • Cybeaver
    • Susan
    • HTS
    • Defense Squad
    • Finders
    • Spreaders
    • Lab Cybeavers
  • Elephex
    • Tasha
    • Middle Women
    • Great Male
    • Warriors
    • Weaks



  • This is the last episode of the Battle Trilogy.
  • From this episode on, the cybeavers are the dominant species on Earth.
  • The only species that actually have some protagonism are the cybeavers and elephexes.

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