Vampire bats and other species are the ancestors of the bataxes
Name Batax
Ruler Fammy
Reside in North and Central America
Special Characteristics They turn into savage animals when see bright light
Roll Minor characters
Enemy species Aglo
Feeding Fruits, vegetables, small insects and (when transformed) blood
First Appearance "Inside the Cave"
Batax is a minor species that mutated from bats and appear on the series 2013. They are harmless, unless they see light.


Their eyes resemble those from a housefly. Their wings are at least 3 times their size, and are sharp at the end. Their size varies from as small as vampire bats to as big as an equums. They are usually yellow. Besides that, they retain most of their ancestors' anatomy.


They are ruled by a female, who is the biggest one. Their status depends on their size.

  1. The Big Momma: The slowest batax. She is really fat and unable to fly, reason for the which she is highly protected. She doesn't do anything more than eat and give orders, which are followed by her subjects without a second thought, as she is also very aggressive and won't doubt on hurting one of her subjects if she needs to. Her name is Fammy.
  2. Monsters: The second ones on size after Fammy. They are in charge of taking care of their leader. If any intruder gets in their cave, they will poop a very toxic substance on them. They are not really aggressive, though.
  3. Maintenance: They are in charge of cleaning caves and some take good care of the big momma. They are strong and somehow irritable, but no aggressive.
  4. Batax People: Normal bataxes without power. They are pascific and rarely mess with other creatures. They are very loyal to their queen, too.
  5. Minibataxes: The smallest, fastest, most intelligent and despised bataxes. They are in charge of bringing food to the Monsters and the big momma. There is not night where they don't work and they are very successful on that.


Althought harmless most of the time, when they see bright light they turn into bloodthirsty beasts (literally they do drink blood when transformed). Their wings are long, sharp and strong enough to behead someone. Their eyes allow them to see almost 360 degrees and see at night. They are one of the most successful creatures on the series.


Their change of personality when they see light is due to their eyes being extremely sensible. Prolonged exposition will result on permanent blindness. Their leader can't fly and barely walk, too.

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