"Backup Story"
Season 4, Episode 24-29
Airdate: Aug 23rd, 2012

List of episodes
A Backup Story is a very short story presented in the last episodes in season 4 of the series 2013.


Now on his own, Cris finds a way to get all the way to the top, which includes the kidnapping of a paramol.

Once kidnapped, Cris uses him to communicate with Laggo, who tells him that the only way to get power is to allow a destructive, unstoppable and completely evil soul (referring to himself) to possess him, which he accepts.

At the end, it's revealed that Cris has grown stronger, faster and (most of all) more evil, which he proves by killing an adult chickencorz without pity or effort.



  • First: 10 seconds
  • Second: 30 seconds
  • Third: 1:08 minutes
  • Fourth: 25 seconds
  • Fifth: 2:03 minutes
  • Sixth: 37 seconds


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