"Among Us"
Season 5, Episode 2
Airdate: Sep 17th, 2012

List of episodes
"Energy Source"
Among Us is the second episode in season 5 of the series 2013.


15 representatives of 6 of the most powerful species on Earth (Lag-tars, pusplaties, cybeavers, copyrrots and lifelouses) decide to meet at the ruins of an old castle, in order to make an alliance that would avoid future conflicts. However, this becomes a debacle when the integrants start being killed when lights go out by an unknown creature. As only them 15 know the location, they learn one of them may have set them up in order to gain power, but who? The thing is, no one will leave until the assassin is found.





  • This is the debut episode for the lifelouses.
  • It is discovered that lifelouses are considered extremely powerful, probably because none of them have died since the Catastrophe of 2012.
  • The only species that didn't have any casualities were the lifelouses.
  • This is the last episode where Martil appears, as he is the last one getting killed.
  • It's still unknown who the killer is.

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