"A Friend"
Season 2, Episode 10
Airdate: June 28th, 2012

List of episodes
"A Little Help?"
"The Menace is Coming"
A friend is the tenth episode in season 2 of the series 2013.


P.T. befriends a supposedly reformed female lag-tar named Jen. However, Fabian has his doubts about it. His concerns turn out to be true as Jen is really a main race lag-tar sent by Laggo to spy on them. Will the guys find it out before it's too late? Will Jen change her mind in order to save her new friends?





  • This episode shows a really close relationship from Fabian towards P.T., as he finds himself jealous of Jen and worry about P.T.
  • This is one of the most controversial episodes of the series, as this episodes is based mostly on a possible love relationship between a human (P.T.) and a lag-tar (Jen).
  • This episode introduces Jen, who will become a recurring character from now on.
  • Part of this episode is a parody of the movie Avatar.

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